We could be steps closer to college players being able to be paid for playing

In the last few days a ruling has been announced calling football players at Northwestern University employees and can unionize. The issue in the past 3 years or so is pay for play which is basically the debate on if college players should be paid for playing for a certain university. There are good arguments for both sides like people say the scholarships the players get are reward enough for their play in any sport, but others think the players should be paid since the universities are making money for the games and the merchandise like the replica jerseys of players that fans can buy. According to the CNN article that talks about the players at Northwestern, that not everyone is on board with this. The article says that the board for the university is planning on appealing the ruling by saying the players are not employees but students.  The board at Northwestern like others think that being paid with a scholarship and helping the university get money is enough. The football players have said that they want better medical coverage, better concussion testing, a four year scholarship and being paid. Richard Epstein is a labor law professor at New York University and he is quoted in the article say that “vast implications for the structure of the sport if it is upheld.” In my opinion all college athletes should be paid some, not like the pros. I say that the players should paid but have the money put into a trust for them at the end of the college careers and not till then. Whether that is when they graduate, go pro, or if they have a career ending injury, in which case the money would help with the medical bills.


2 thoughts on “We could be steps closer to college players being able to be paid for playing

  1. Most athletes play their sport on a scholarship, no? Isn’t the offset of tuition payment enough given the fact that of all who play college sports, very few ever turn professional?


    • yes they do play on their scholarships but they have to pay for medical bills. College athletes can not have jobs or accept money. The NCAA should allow the players to be paid about 100 to 200 dollars a game so that they can have money for different things like food or doing something they want to do.


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