Welcome to the adult table Eagles

     As the clock struck 00, the NFL gained a new champion and a first-time champion. As many people around the country know, the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl 52 against the all mighty New England Patriots for their first Super Bowl in franchise history and their first overall title in 56 years. With that Super Bowl win, the Eagles superbowl winscan finally join the list of teams who have won a Super Bowl in their franchise history. Doug Pederson is the first head coach to win the Super Bowl within the first two years of his HC career since Mike Tomlin in Super Bowl 43 against the Cardinals.

     The list of teams who have not won a Super Bowl drops down to 12 teams now that consist of the Browns, Jaguars, Lions, Texans, Vikings, Bengals, Bills, Panthers, Cardinals, Chargers, Titans, and Falcons. It will be interesting to see who will end their Super Bowl drought next. Most of the teams on that list have the talent to win a championship.

     Going into halftime, the Eagles led 22-12 after dabbling in trickeration by having Tret Burton, a backup Tight End, throw a touchdown to QB Nick Foles, who only started three games all year after star young QB Carson Wentz went down with an ACL tear against the Rams back in week 13. Sadly for the Patriots, Tom “Terrific” Brady did not have the same magic that he had last year when he led the Patriots grahamback from 28-3 to win in OverTime, losing this year 41-33 after a missed hail mary attempt to the end the game for the Patriots. The game was effectively over when Brandon Graham, a DE for the Eagles, got the only sack of the game and forced Tom Brady to fumble the ball deep in the Patriots territory, which led to an Eagles field goal to put them up 41-33.

     Both QB’s had a tremendous game, but only one could come out victorious and folesNick Foles not only led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win, he also won the MVP after he would go 28 for 43 for 373 yards 3 touchdowns and 1 interceptions and have 1 reception for 1 yard and 1 touchdown.

     As it stands today, the Eagles have the third-best odds for the Super Bowl next year at 17-2 just behind the Patriots who sit at 7-2 odds and the Packers of Greenbay who sit at 8-1 odds. It will be interesting to see how the Eagles do following their championship win. With this loss, the Patriots are tied for the most Super Bowl loses with the Denver Broncos with 5 Super Bowl loses.


 Here is to the 31 other teams trying to deny the Eagles of their second straight championship, but no matter what the Eagles earned this championship and had a great year.



Franchise savior or same stupid front office mistake?

     Late Tuesday night, the Washington Redskins shocked the NFL with trading for Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith in exchange for a third-round pick and rising staralexsmith Cornerback Kendall Fuller.

     With the acquisition of Smith, it means that the era of Captain Kirk for the Redskins is over. It also means the end of a period of speculation among fans and sports reporters on is Cousins going to resign or not. Later that night, it was reported that Smith and the Redskins have agreed to a 4-year extension to go along with the 1 year left on his current contract.

     For his career, Alex has a 62.4% completion with 31,888 yards 183 touchdowns and 96 interceptions. Hopefully, he will be able to duplicate his success in Washington that he had in Kansas City. With this signaling the end of the Kirk Cousins era, “Captain” Kirk finishes his Redskins career with completing 65.5% of his passes to go along with 16,206 yards, 99 touchdowns, and 55 interceptions.

     As a Redskins fan myself, I have mixed emotions regarding this trade. I am happy that there is no question about our starting QB position and that we have a committed QB. I am upset about this trade, like many other Redskins fans, due to the fact that the Skins gave up a young talent cornerback in Kendall Fuller. Kendall isfuller coming off the best season of his young career when he led the team in interceptions with 4 picks.

     As many people around the league and the fans know, the defense of the Redskins is not good at all. Yes, the defense is below average. So it doesn’t make sense to me to trade one of your best young defensive players to get a QB that is about to turn 34 years old. Yes, the team needs a solid option at QB, but I believe that it shouldn’t cost you one of your best young players, especially when it comes on the side of the ball that has hurt your team for years.

     I will not be 100% sold on this trade until I see Smith lead this team past the Wild Card round of the playoffs and have continuous success. This isn’t the first timesadrg3 that the Redskins have traded for a QB. Before the 2010 season, they traded for rivalsadmcnabb QB Donovan Mcnabb from the Eagles, two years later, the Redskins traded the farm to get the second overall pick from the then St. Louis Rams to select RG3 out of Baylor. The only difference between Mcnabb’s time in Washington and RG3’s time in Washington is that RG3 got us to the playoffs, but after that, it went downhill fast. Hopefully, third time is the charm and Alex Smith can be what the Redskins were looking for.

     Let’s hope that the front office got this trade right and finally got the right QB, or it is going to be a long season next year and potentially a long few seasons.

Can the Eagles upend Tom Brady and the Mighty Patriots?

        On Sunday, as many fans know, the Eagles will face off against the Patriots for the Super Bowl in Minnesota, but many fans, including myself, did not see the Eagles making it to the big game at the beginning of the season since they had a second year QB and Head Coach.

        With an appearance in the Super Bowl, Doug Pederson is the 25th coach in league history to make it to the big game in his first 3 years of being a Head Coach. The last one to do it was Dan Quinn last year with the Falcons when they had the dougpedersonworst collapse in Super Bowl history. In the previous 24 times, the young coach is 10-14 with the last championship coming for Mike Tomlin, Steelers HC, in Super Bowl 43. Since Super Bowl 43 there have been 5 head coaches early in their careers who reached the big game. Including Tomlin and the coach he went against in Super Bowl 43, Ken Whisenhunt. So if history is a telling of how the game will go, then the Eagles have a small chance at victory.

        When it comes to how the teams stack up against each other numbers-wise eagles ocduring the regular season, they were fairly close to each other and towards the top of the league. The Eagles ranked 3rd in total offense with 395 ypg and the Patriots were right behind them ranking 4th in total offense with 391 ypg. Total defense numberspatricia for them are the same way, the Eagles rank one spot ahead of the Patriots. In total defense, the Eagles rank 2nd with 307 ypg and the Patriots ranked 3rd with 320.5 ypg.

        With losing star QB Carson Wentz to an ACL against the Rams, the Eagles had to carsonturn to a familiar face in Nick Foles. In the two games that Foles started, he went 2-0 while passing for 400 yards 5 touchdowns and 1 interception, but connecting on only 56.5% of his passes. It seems that the Nick Foles in the regular season is gone and replaced with a more accurate QB. In the two playoff games, he is connecting on 77.8% of his passes, while passing for 598 yards and 3 touchdowns, while going against two teams built on defense in the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings. We will have to see how he handles the power defense of the New England Patriots.

        When it comes to the Patriots, it seems like the only thing that really changes for them is that they get older. They are the prime example of winning and perfection in bradybelichick2the league. That’s how it goes for a team that is bound for their 8th Super Bowl appearance and looking for their 6th title. It helps for them that they have the greatest coach and one of the greatest QBs the game has ever seen. Tom Brady has not started showing signs of age which is incredible since he is in his early 40’s. This season he passed for 4577 yards with 32 touchdowns against 8 interceptions while connecting on 66.3% of his completions.

        If the Eagles can not slow Brady down, then that defense is going to be in for a long game. In his 5 Super Bowl wins, Brady has thrown for 305.8 ypg, in the 2 loses to brady3the Giants, he averages 271 ypg. So if the Eagles can slow Brady down, they have a good chance to win.

Prediction: 31-14 Patriots (even though I want to see them lose, I really believe that they just are just a better overall team and have more experience.)


Why football gods?!?!?

        Many NFL fans were not excited about this rematch since the Patriots have reached yet another Super Bowl, with them having an appearance in the Super Bowl in three of the last four years including this appearance and having won their two brady2previous appearances including the incredible comeback against the Falcons and Matt Ryan a year ago, but they have made it to the AFC conference title game seven straight years. Their string of seven consecutive conference appearances is an NFL record. No one else has more than four straight appearances.

        No matter if you hate or love the Patriots, all NFL fans can admit that what they have been able to do under Belichick and Brady is incredible. Over their time together, those two have led the Patriots to 5 Super Bowl wins in 7 attempts, not including this appearance, they have made it to the conference championship 12 times, and the worse record that they have is 9-7. They are too successful and it’s annoying!

        The Patriots in this century are like the Boston Celtics of the late 50’s to mid-late 60’s when the Celtics won 11 titles in 13 years. After a while, a dynasty has to end. bradyThe football gods need to hurry up and end this dynasty, which within the next three to four years it will end with either Brady, Belichick or both retiring from the game. But for now, they are the prime example of winning not just in the present day NFL, but throughout the history of the league as well.

        In the end, there is no arguing that Brady and Belichick are two of the greatest to ever roam an NFL sideline. They have the most Super Bowl wins of any coach-quarterback combo in league history. Every good thing has to come to an end bradybelichicksometime, and the finish line of this dynasty may be coming into sight with Brady turning 41 in August, and Belichick being in his 23rd season as a Head Coach. Not many coaches can last that long in the league and especially not into their mid-late 60’s.


The DC postseason sports curse. Is it real or do we need something to blame the lack of success on?

           As many sports fans inside the DMV and around the country have seen, the big 4 sports teams in DC, the Nationals, the Redskins, the Caps, and the Wizards, have had a rough time advancing in the playoffs since the beginning of the century. Since 2000, any of those four teams have only made it past the first round of their respected playoffs only 6 times, with the Wizards and Capitals having the most recent trips. The Redskins have not been past the first round in over ten years. They have lost three straight first-round games. The Nationals, even though they are technically a young franchise, haven’t been able to get past the NLDS in the three trips that they took.

           The Redskins haven’t been deep into the playoffs, getting to the conference championship or Super Bowl, since the first go around of the Joe Gibbs era when sad redskinsthey won Super Bowl 26 back in 1992. Since they won that Super Bowl, their playoff record is 3-6 with more losing seasons (13) than playoff trips (6). The Redskins are just cursed in general since Dan Snyder bought the team in the offseason before 1999. The team has gone through 8 head coaches, with the longest tenure for a head coach being four years.

           Before 2005, baseball had not been in the District since 1971 when the then Washington Senators left to become the Texas Rangers. In 2005, the Montreal Expos moved to DC and became the Nationals, but for the next seven years they rarely saw sad nationalssuccess, claimed the top pick in the draft twice and never saw the postseason. In 2012, the young franchise won the NL East for the first time since 1981, when they were the Expos, and finally reached the postseason and were the top team in all of Major League Baseball with a record of 98-64, and would face the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS, but would fall 2 games to 3. It would not get any better as the team would make the playoffs in 2014,16, and 17. All were NLDS exits. This franchise has been picked to at least get to the World Series the last 4 years, but have disappointed.

               The Capitals have had the most success out of all D.C. sports teams with getting to the playoffs and getting to at least the second round. The Capitals also have the last league championship appearance of the four teams when they reached the Stanley Cup championship against the Red Wings in the 1997-98 season, but since then, they have sad capitalsonly gotten to the second round. In every second round appearance, the team managed to get into a winner take all game 7, and have lost every game 7.

               The Wizards have only 7 postseason appearances since 2000, with 3 of them coming in the last four years. The Wizards have not been passed the second round of the playoffs since the ’78-’79 season when they were the Washington Bullets when they got to the NBA Finals against the Seattle Supersonics, which was a rematch of the sad wizardsprevious, which the Bullets won and would be the only title that the franchise has to this day. Lately, the team looks like they are getting better and could potentially break the curse of not just getting past the second round for any DC team, but could potentially end the Districts championship drought.

          Whoever cursed the teams in the DC area, probably got the idea to curse the town from the Chicago Goat curse, which many believed that it was the reason for the 108 year drought for the Chicago Cubs or from when Bobby Layne, a QB for the Detroit Lions in the late 50’s, cursed the team when they traded him to the Steelers.


Redskins training camp interviews part 4: DJ Swearinger

         In the final installment of the Redskins training camp interview series, my sight is set on the tenacious hard hitting 5th year safety out of South Carolina in DJ Swearinger. Swearinger comes to the Redskins after spending a little over a year in Arizona with the Cardinals. He was drafted out of South Carolina in the 2nd round of the 2013 draft when the Houston Texans picked him. After two okay seasons with the Texans, Swearinger would go on to sign with the Buccaneers, but would only last 7 games with them and then moved on to the Arizona Cardinals, where he began to show promise of a good player.

How does it feel to be playing alongside your former high school teammate in josh Norman?

“It means a lot, man, it means a lot. We hold Greenwood high. You know, small normanswearingercountry town. We’ve got a lot of talent in Greenwood and to have two guys on the same team from Greenwood is amazing, man. I can’t wait to get back out there with Josh and do what we used to do.”

On if he could have imagined playing with Norman in the NFL:

“It’s kind of crazy because I got drafted with a high school teammate in Houston, Sam Montgomery. So, I don’t know how that can happen – I got drafted with a high school teammate and end up coming to play with another high school teammate, which is very rare. But, it happened and it’s a blessing that it happened this way.”

What motivates you to play as hard as you do dating back to your Gamecock days?

“I have to bring that because I’m a natural born leader. My mom always told me to lead, not to follow. That’s what I’m doing here. We’ve got an excellent opportunity swearingercollegeevery day, man, when we go out there on that field. It’s a blessing to be out there, so why not give your all, give it high energy and give the energy that feeds off others? That’s what I try to do, and I’ll keep continuing to do that.”


I want to thank Adam Winkler, of WTKR in Norfolk, for passing along my questions for Redskins Training camp. @Adamwinksports



Redskins training camp interviews part 3: Jay Gruden

                In part 3 of the training camp interview series, I passed a long a question to Adam to ask the Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden. Gruden begins his fourth season as the head man of this franchise.  In his first three seasons, Coach Gruden has lead the team to a record of 21-26-1 with one division title, a playoff loss to the Packers and two straight winning seasons. Over his tenure, Gruden has gotten this team to play at a higher level than they have played in recent years. Cough*Shanahan & Zorn Era*cough cough. In this season, Gruden has a new Defensive Coordinator for the second time in the last three years, and third coordinator over his tenure. Greg manuskyManusky has been promoted to Defensive Coordinator after being LB coach for the last few years. For the first time since he got here, Gruden will have a new Offensive Coordinator, in Matt Cavanaugh, after Sean McVay left to take over the HC position out in LA for the Rams. This team has changed so much under Gruden’s leadership, since Mike Shanahan lead this team.

 Do you feel confident with this year’s team on both sides of the ball with both coordinators being replaced and having to replace huge playmakers on the offensive side?


        “I think that’s what the offseason was for the new coaches to get acclimated to how we do things, how we practice, how we prepare, acclimated to the system and meetings with the coordinators and all that good stuff. I feel good that all the coaches are up to speed and confident in what they can do. We have a great staff, great new additions I feel good about, now it’s just a matter of getting the most out of the players, and that’s our job as coaches.”


     In the final installment of this series, the focus will be on one of the new members of the secondary in DJ Swearinger the tenacious, hard hitting 5th year full safety out of South Carolina who was with the Cardinals last year.dj