Should fans complain about a two-point win, or should they just enjoy the wins?

         As a fan of a college basketball team that has not won much in the past, and who recently only seven years ago was the worst team in the SEC and one of the worst in the nation. The men’s basketball team for the University of South Carolina is not a powerhouse like Kentucky or Duke. The Gamecocks have not been successful as a program for the last few decades. Since the beginning of the century, the program thornwell,notice,dozierhas made it to the big dance twice, including last year when Coach Martin guided the program to its first-ever Final Four appearance. With the Final Four run, many fans have high expectations for a team that lost almost 75% of the scoring from a year ago, with PJ Dozier, Sindarius Thornwell, and Duane Notice all either graduating or going pro.

I frank martinwill admit that I did have super high expectations for this team going into the season, but then I remembered that Coach Martin is basically starting over with the team with 8 new players coming in. People honestly need to realize that this team will not be perfect, they may struggle at times like they did when they only beat Coastal Carolina by 2. Today, I read a tweet from a supposed Gamecock fan, who was complaining about why should she waste her money to go watch them barely beat a team like Coastal when she could watch it straight from home. Even though she does have a right to speak her mind, she doesn’t seem to understand that this team is not perfect, this team is not like Kentucky or Duke, who you can almost guarantee to go beat a lower D1 school by almost double digits.

         Everyone needs to be patient with the team. What’s impressive is that Coach Martin has led this team to an 8-2 record with 8 new players. Few coaches can succeed with that many new players outside of Coach Cal, Coach K, and some of the other big program leading coaches. The only person that can truly say anything is Coach Martin himself when he called out the fans for not packing Colonial Life.gamecocks Outside of Coach Martin and anyone who is in the program, no one can say anything about this team. As fans, we need to just support the team through the good and the bad, and just because they did get to the Final Four a year ago, it does not guarantee a return trip back, it doesn’t guarantee another trip back to the tournament in general.

         As fans, we need to enjoy the good times while they are here because we do not know if the team will fall back to its old self of being bad or mediocre at best. Look at how the football program went. They had three straight years of 11 wins and were one of the best teams in the nations and then the bottom fell out and they started to decline. Yes, the basketball is having the best run in the history of the program, but we must remember that nothing lasts forever and at some point, the team will decline.

         In my opinion, if you do not like how the team is performing, then change teams, be a bandwagon fan for a powerhouse team. No team needs a fan that would rather watch their team from afar than go support their team in person. As a fan, yes you go for the game and hope your team wins, but many fans also go for the experience of being at the game and enjoy being there with friends or family. whichever team wins, their fans shouldn’t leave the game mad that they won only by single digits to a lower tier school. You can’t beat every team by double digits. Fans need to be happy that their team won. A fan mad that their team won by a smaller amount than they expected is like being mad at a traffic jam outside of rush hour. It happens, but you can’t do anything about it.


Redskins training camp interviews part 4: DJ Swearinger

         In the final installment of the Redskins training camp interview series, my sight is set on the tenacious hard hitting 5th year safety out of South Carolina in DJ Swearinger. Swearinger comes to the Redskins after spending a little over a year in Arizona with the Cardinals. He was drafted out of South Carolina in the 2nd round of the 2013 draft when the Houston Texans picked him. After two okay seasons with the Texans, Swearinger would go on to sign with the Buccaneers, but would only last 7 games with them and then moved on to the Arizona Cardinals, where he began to show promise of a good player.

How does it feel to be playing alongside your former high school teammate in josh Norman?

“It means a lot, man, it means a lot. We hold Greenwood high. You know, small normanswearingercountry town. We’ve got a lot of talent in Greenwood and to have two guys on the same team from Greenwood is amazing, man. I can’t wait to get back out there with Josh and do what we used to do.”

On if he could have imagined playing with Norman in the NFL:

“It’s kind of crazy because I got drafted with a high school teammate in Houston, Sam Montgomery. So, I don’t know how that can happen – I got drafted with a high school teammate and end up coming to play with another high school teammate, which is very rare. But, it happened and it’s a blessing that it happened this way.”

What motivates you to play as hard as you do dating back to your Gamecock days?

“I have to bring that because I’m a natural born leader. My mom always told me to lead, not to follow. That’s what I’m doing here. We’ve got an excellent opportunity swearingercollegeevery day, man, when we go out there on that field. It’s a blessing to be out there, so why not give your all, give it high energy and give the energy that feeds off others? That’s what I try to do, and I’ll keep continuing to do that.”


I want to thank Adam Winkler, of WTKR in Norfolk, for passing along my questions for Redskins Training camp. @Adamwinksports


Looking back with the hiring of Frank Martin

                               As the Gamecocks get ready for their first trip to the Final Four, I look back to see where this team came from, going from a 10-win team in Darrin Horn’s final year, to the administration bringing in a fierce coach from K-State in Frank Martin to rebuild this team basically from scratch. During the off-season between Coach Horn being let go and Coach Martin taking over, many players would wind up transferring from the program and others would follow throughout Coach Martin’s first couple of years in Columbia. In his first two seasons at the helm, darrin hornCoach Martin didn’t win many games, and it seemed as if this team would be sub .500 for a while.  The Gamecocks hadn’t gotten  into the big dance since ’04 and it didn’t look like that was going to happen anytime soon.

                In Coach Martin’s first season, you could tell no one believed in that team and no one wanted to get disappointed by watching  them as well when less than half of the stadium was filled in the season opener of the 2012 season. In the season open victory against frank martinMilwaukee, the attendance for that game was at 7,335, which is drastically less than half of the possible attendance of 18,000.  Most probably didn’t want to pay to watch what was expected to be a bad team. As seasons went by, the attendance increased.

                Starting in his 3rd season in 2014 Coach Martin had the Gamecocks moving in the right direction. Despite losing 16 games that year, they also won 17 games for their first winning season since Darrin Horn’s first year at the helm in the ’08-’09 season when the team went 21-10 and made the NIT. By posting a winning season in his 3rd year, Coach Martin ended a streak of 5 straight losing years for this team, and as we are seeing, this team is not done winning just yet. Since his 3rd year going 17-16, Frank Martin has lead this team to a 51-19 overall record the last 2 years combined, going 25-9 last year and 26-10 so far, this year, and this team seems to be getting better each year.

                   Looking back now at the time before Coach Martin was here, it seems like it was a lot longer than 5 years that he has been here and that the Gamecocks only won 10 games the year prior to his arrival in Columbia. It goes to show that he has done such a wonderful job on this rebuilding project and how he never gave up on this team and believed that he can make this team into a winner. In his introductory press conference, Coach Martin talked about how he likes a challenge and doesn’t run away from them like others do. In an article on ESPN written around the time of the hiring, Coach Martin is quoted as saying “When people ask me ‘why’, I ask, ’why not?” This was his response to people asking him why would he take the South Carolina job. He goes on to say that he would love having another opportunity to build a program up, like what he did with K-State.  It seems as if Coach Martin was up to the challenge to take on the rebuilding project of South Carolina Men’s basketball.

                This team has competed at a whole new level this year compared to years past, but you could even say that this team is on an even newer level in the tournament than they were in the regular season, after they finished the regular season going 3-6 in the last nine games and not being expected to win anything in the NCAA tournament. Now they have a chance to play in the National Championship if they can get passed the best defensive team in the nation in Gonzaga.

Having different expectations with certain coaches before they start is not always the good way to go.

            At the end of this past college football season, an unbelievable amount of head coaching jobs opened up. During this past season 10 head coaching jobs opened up, then during the off season 18 more opened up due to coaches getting jobs else where. One of the most notable openings was at South Carolina, when Steve Spurrier stepped down mid season and replaced with Shawn Elliot. During the off season the Gamecocks hired former UF head coach Will Muschamp. When this was announced many people, including myself at first, saw this as a horrible hiring and were mad that the Gamecocks missed out on the likes of Kirby Smart, who went to UGA, and Tom Herman, the head man of the Houston Cougars.

         footballThe biggest reason for the outrage towards the hire was that Muschamps tenure at Florida did not go as a lot of people would have wanted it to. His numbers at Florida did not indicate he would get another crack at a head coaching job after one year of being a defensive coordinator, especially in the SEC. Muschamp was the head man at Florida from 2011-14, after being the DC and possible replacement of the great Mack Brown at Texas. He went 28-21 while at Florida. I can understand why people do not think he is a good coach, but what people do not seem to take into consideration is that he was coming into a job with HUGE expectations.

            He had to follow in the foot steps of Urban Meyer, the Gators second best coach behind, ironically, Steve Spurrier. People are to quick to judge a coach. One of the greatest football coaches this generation has ever seen, Nick Saban, had his struggles early on in his career. After coach Saban left Toledo after one year, he went to Michigan St. While the coach of the Spartans, coach Saban collected a record of 34-24-1 over 5 years before going to coach LSU. Nick Sabans winning percentage at Michigan St is barely better then that of Muschamps winning percentage at Florida. Mack Brown is a sure thing hall of fame coach for college football, but his first few years did not go to well. Coach Brown got his first head coaching job at Tulane. His record during his tenure there would be 11-23. That is a winning percentage of .324. After his tenure at Tulane, he would go on to find some success leading the UNC Tar heels program, before landing at UT and leading that program to monumental success with a national title in 2005 and another trip to the title game in ’09.

        clipboardWhat I am saying is that you can not judge a book by its cover. Another great example of that in another sport would be the Boston Celtics taking a risk and hiring Brad Stevens away from his successful coaching career at Butler. Many thought this could be disastrous because college coaches have not really found success in the pros, but coach Stevens is slowly proving that wrong in only his third year at the head. Many are already saying he is one of the future coaching greats. Coach Stevens NBA career started rocky going 25-57 his first year, but he has improved his record last year and this year, going 40-42 and 48-34 respectively, with two playoff appearances. Coaches, no matter the league or sport, learn from their mistakes or learn to adapt to new leagues.